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The genesis of Dignity in Action came from Leonard Prentice.  He spent the majority of his adult life homeless and now resides in Summit, NJ.  He remains a part of the homeless community, although no longer homeless himself.

Prentice shared a long time dream of his to create a business which would allow the homeless to have meaningful work and generate stable income for themselves.

That sparked the thought that there are many people who long for meaningful that feeds their soul and their bank account.  




What magic could happen in a space that nurtures and supports people in their creative endeavors?

What if tools and supplies were available to use if too costly for a person to buy on their own?

What if ideas, experience and knowledge was freely shared between members of a creative community?

What if a creative space was not pre-determined space....not limited to just certain activities or certain people....but JUST SPACE?

Where everyone is welcome, where everyone is learning and growing, where community members decide what help they need and how they want to receive that help. Where creativity can sprout, grow and flourish.

Can you imagine Just Space?

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